Monday, September 28, 2009

Rants and Laughs 12

Since I am lazy, I will provide you with a lazy update.

  • If you are a luser, then the last usage example on the chown Wikipedia page will send you into fits according to Linux Reddit.
    $ chown -R us base

    Isn't that a riot?

  • Apparently some freetard feminists are angry about Shuttleworth commenting on the fact that Lunix is hard to explain to women. Freetards and Feminists! These sound like my kind of people!

  • Mat Asay, in his article Free Software Is Dead. Long Live Open Source! drops a bomb on the freetards by saying that open source needs to survive. Of course, the freetards tear him a new one for that.

  • A Reddit luser asks where lusers go to buy music. Uh, Mr. Freetard, lusers don't buy music. That is what P2P is for. Haven't you ever heard that "information wants to be free?"

  • Another luser asks the community about Linux compatible laptops. Dude, just buy a Macbook!

  • Well, Ubuntu Karmic Koala is almost here, and it is shaping up to be a pretty uninspiring release. Here are ten notable things about the new Ubuntu, and none of them mention the title that sounds almost as funny as Masturbating Monkey.

  • Here is another LJN article. It asks if Microsoft still has an open-source strategy. Sure it does! Microsoft's open source strategy is to find out how it can make money given or despite open source. That is its strategy.

  • The wingnuts at Boycott Novell are at it again! Apparently, Richard Stallman has been the recipient of some well-founded shit-flinging recently, and BN has had it up to here with that guff! The attacks mostly seem to revolve around rms's screed a few months ago about Mono and Tomboy. Jeez! Get a life, people!

Well, that is all for now. I have a few more indepth comments in the pipes, so check back soon!

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