Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rants and Laughs 6

Well, it is time to again see what is happening in the Linux 'community' and make fun of them for it.

  • Here is a GTK theming tutorial. It looks somewhat complicated and demonstrates the beauty of GTK at the same time! What more could one want?
  • Why should you try Fluxbox? Because Linux's major attempts at a desktop environment are slow, complicated and generally suck ass. Here's a better idea: try Aqua instead.
  • Some dude configured a Linux print queue for a library that was too cheap to buy a Windows server. All he had to do was edit smb.conf (among other things). Also, apparently the queue cannot display page numbers properly, so unnecessarily gigantic printouts could still go through.
  • ComputerWorld, apparently, cannot quit Microsoft bashing. It seems to be a bit better than the last one, but it still focuses on netbooks.
  • Head marketdroid luser of the Linux Foundation thinks no 'in house from scratch' operating system will ever be created again. She cites that ridiculous study that Red Hat Linux is worth $10 Billion. Leaving aside the ridiculous notion of measuring SLOC, the most basic problem is this: if the OS is worth so much, and it is free, why does it have such a shitty marketshare? Earth to Linux Foundation, the amount of time some wanker wasted coding an app does not give it value; value only comes from a bunch of other people WANTING the app. This is how the market works! If you did not have your head jammed so far up your commie, freetard ass, you would understand that.
  • Ubuntu 8 and OSX 10.5 go head to head. OS X positively crushes Linux on 3d Acceleration. Damn, I have not seen an ass-whuppin' like that in a long time! Of course they give the standard luser excuses, such as Mesa not being optimized or the Intel driver going through some 'radical changes.' They will do anything to keep from admitting a Linux flaw.
  • The Register does a serious review of 3.0. Apparently, you should keep your Microsoft Office install.
  • Finally, another hater discusses the fallacy of choice! This is required reading for all lusers!
  • UPDATE: I forgot a really good one. Apparently, the Android G1 phones had a phantom shell. Typing anything into your phone followed by return would execute as a shell command. If you type r-e-b-o-o-t, the phone will reboot. I am speechless!

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