Monday, November 17, 2008

Rants and Laughs 7

It is time once again to see what is going on in the freetard community.

  • PC Authority has an exclusive interview with Richard Stallman. Stallman's comments suggest that he is still off his rocker.
  • Freetards have finally mau-maued Adobe into releasing a 64-bit Flash plugin. Reading the release, I get the vague impression that Adobe only did this to shut up them up. Um, Adobe, x86-64 is so last Tuesday! Where is my Linux ARM port? I love the reference to my predecessor BTW. 
  • Freetards cheer that the US Navy has embraced open source. First of all, the memo said that the Navy would adopt systems based on "open technologies and standards." This does not necessarily mean that they will adopt open SOURCE.
  • NEWSFLASH!! The Linux kernel has poor documentation! Kernel developers are unsure how to fix this. Linux wants better Release Notes; some suggest example code for new features (that would be helpful); some suggest scrapping most of the in-tree documentation. If kernel developers want better documentation, they will have to FULLY document what is already there and have the diligence to keep the API stable for longer periods of time. When you can develop a kernel module with your 2-3 year old copy of Writing Linux Device Drivers or Understanding the Linux Kernel, then I will say the situation has improved. Until then, have fun writing camera drivers with the Video4Linux1 API documentation aspiring kernel hackers!
  • Happy 25th Birthday GNU! Here is your birthday greetings from washed-up actor Steven Fry! It has been 25 years (well, it will be on January 5, 2009), and you still have not produced a complete operating system! How is the HURD and that Lisp Window Manager you wrote about coming along BTW?
  • Here is a list of all the games natively supported by Linux. Wow, 373 titles! That is like 1/100th of the number of games available on Windows. Also, it kind of fudges the number a little, since it includes every Linux emulator you can run a game on and every single Linux compatible Doom or Quake engine. Linux is truly the next generation gaming platform!
  • Another luser writes that Theora will replace Flash. Yeah right! If you can get Youtube to even support Theora playback, then we will talk. Oh, what's that? There are some issues with Theora that need to be 'ironed out' before it can present a credible threat to Flash? "Despite being supported by Opera and Firefox, Theora has a number of challenges ahead. The first lies in its performance -- both the encoding time and the video quality trail behind the common XviD/DivX-style MPEG-4 ASP codecs, let alone next-generation HD codecs like H.264 and VC-1. " Well, maybe you can get Nvidia to help you out?

  • Here is an article that lists the problems migrating from Exchange to OSS solutions. "One reason is that none of the open-source programs are really ready to serve as drop-in Exchange replacements. There's also some additional work that needs to be done, and it's not work that Windows administrators are used to doing. Even a veteran Linux administrator, though, might find setting up a full-powered Exchange replacement for a good-sized company a challenge. For example, Scalix 11.4 requires Apache, PostgreSQL, Tomcat, and either Sendmail or Postfix to be installed before it can work. That's not hard, but when you factor in the need for managing disk performance it becomes more of a problem. E-mail server applications, have trouble scaling, because of disk performance bottlenecks. To run a groupware server for more than a small business really requires shared disk arrays. Put it all together and you have a serious Linux system administrator's job, and it's not one that a former Exchange administrator is likely to be able to handle." TCO, the bane of lusers everywhere, has struck again!

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