Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Blog

Well, here is my new blog! Feel free to make yourselves at home.

P.S. Is there a good way to move all the comments from the old blog to the new?


  1. No, there is no way, the next time use Disqus or someting similar.

    And for Tux's sake, change the fucking theme.

  2. Oh!, and you can just change the name and address of your old blog.

  3. bytecorrupto, I looked at all the other default themes, and this was the only one I thought I could tolerate. If you have a suggested theme, give me a link, and I will consider it. Also, would changing the name and address of the blog preserve the other blog for future linking?

  4. You're a dick.

    (not really, I actually like this blog as any other linux hater, it's just that it doesn't feel like if some douche 'tard isn't insulting you)

  5. Great to see some much needed criticism of the seemingly idealistic world of free software.

    Would love to see your take on targeting Linux for game development. I noticed in a recent poll on HappyPenguin in which a commenter complains about commercial binary-only games breaking due to "no real binary compatibility", comparing them to "Free games that will always work in the future".

    Yep, apparently free software magically ensures forward compatibility. After all, unmaintained source code never breaks - right?


  6. The only problem I have with these blogger themes in general is that the comment column is so narrow. It's like reading a long newspaper column.

    Anyway, glad to be here. Looking forward to some laughs and insight.

    At least until the freetards show up: then it will be ALL laughs (see the state of LHB these days...)

  7. Dood! POST MOAR! i wull keepeth spamming thou with thys, once a weeketh, until thou hast madeth thyself a new'eth bloghish postth

  8. Your subscribe button is broken. It subscribes to the old blog. Might want to fix that.