Monday, June 8, 2009

Rants and Laughs 11

It is time once again for another humorous look at the freetard ecosystem.

  • Some Zemlin guy has proclaimed this the Week of the Linux Desktop. Let's look at his claims indepth, shall we?
    Smartbook or Netbook; Common Denominator is Linux
    Apparently, these 'smartbooks' (i.e. a cross between a netbook and a smartphone) use Linux a lot. Remember all of the Linux-based netbooks two years ago? Remember how they all run Windows XP now?
    Instant on runs on Linux
    Yeah, I have already covered this.
    Better Audio and Video Support
    Dude, Real has supported Linux for years now. Big deal.
    Palm “Pre” makes a spash with a Linux based Smartphone
    Dude, I thought Palm was dead. This sounds like another Hail Mary Desperation Pass.
    Intel Buys Wind River
    How is this relevant? Wind Rive is not a desktop manufacturer! Plus, their product line included BSD/OS and vxWorks!
    In short, Dell has released a Linux laptop. Hooray!

  • Apparently, some people find SELinux extremely complicated. But it makes things so secure!

  • Here is a nice tutorial on how to understand a feature of Unix that infected plenty of other operating systems: symbolic links. Of course, Chapters 8 and 13 of the Unix Haters Handbook also cover this material.

  • Here is some really good Linux Hate.

  • It has been nine months since Chrome was released on Windows, and the open source 'community' has still not succeeded in releasing an acceptable version for Linux. This is just disgraceful guys. Doesn't the CATB propaganda say that, once you release the source-code, then legions of flosstards will descend on your codebase and port it to Linux? WTF?!

  • Here is something that involves yours truly. I asked ESR's opinion of a comment I found on Linux Hater's blog; his response mostly evaded the question. What do you think of the matter?

So, that is all for now. I will try to write another indepth article on some freetardery soon.


  1. Well, you've lost my respect. Your logic isn't as strong as Linux Hater's logic I'm afraid. In a lot of cases you just sound stupid.

  2. @1st commenter. You need to elaborate about your statement.

  3. i think you are doing a great job. - although, not just quite as good as LHB does it. but you know what they say: practice makes perfect. I remember reading your first posts, and thinking "dude! offtarget flammage!" But then your quality all of a sudden just shot into the air. :D

    My point is: Keep it up! You become sligthly better for every post. ;D

  4. @1st commenter. In all cases this guy sounds stupid!

    @2st commenter. You suck too...

    @Esben: you little criature...

  5. The real idiocy is this "Java is shit" rant. Java has great business value for many companies. It maybe today's COBOL, but it has grat value in $$$.

  6. Hmm. Anonymous nr. 4.

    Just tell me where he might fail then?

    I dunno, i'm not a programmer or anything.. (i can't even get meself a makefile :p - using emacs.) (... so as you might have guessed, i'm kinda trying to learn it.)

  7. What is so funny about the symbolic link tutorial?
    There are many cases in which I wished there were such things on Windows (and no, NTFS Junctions are not up to par at all, at least not in WinXP).

  8. Jesus CHRIST where do you come from? I'm guessing Utah and the in-breeding has caused all this.

    "Remember how they all run Windows XP now?"

    Yeah I remember how Microsoft SHAT themselves and re-launched Windows XP in order to compete. I also remember how they started selling Windows XP to the OLPC project for $10 per license because they couldn't bare the thought of Linux being such a success. Oh and just so that people aren't mislead I'll re-phrase your statement:

    "Remember how some of them started to run Windows XP as well?"

    As for Google Chrome, I'm on Linux and guess which browser I'm using to post this comment? Granted we waited a long time for it, but Google are making up for it by releasing Google Chrome OS, what operating system are they using for that again?

    You clearly don't understand Symbolic Links and are afraid of them, I can give you a simple tutorial on symbolic links right now. It's a fake file, which points directly to a real file, so that you don't have to have the same file 50 times in different places to make use of it, therefore not taking up 50 times as much space on your hard drive, if it ever "infects" Windows properly in a way that isn't like NTFS Junctions I suggest Windows users be grateful. Would you like a tutorial on relational SQL databases too?

    Don't start reading your own bull before you post it dude, you might actually realise how full of shit you are.

  9. The post on communism and linux is a very clever one. I've been thinking the same for a long time and got to the same conclusion. Then I saw that comment on LHB and loved it. Now I saw that you posted it too.